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Districts of Batam

Expat Guide Districts of Batam Island Map

Batam consists of several regions, which usually people in Batam used to refer to.

Lubuk Baja

Batu Selicin, Lubuk Baja Kota (Nagoya), Kampung Pelita, Baloi Indah, Tanjung Uma

Nagoya also known as Lubuk Baja is Batam’s busiest business and commercial area. in this area, you can find 5 big malls and many small malls. covering 11.426 square kilometers. The population was 80,780 in the 2010 Census. However, like other fastest-growing cities, Batam Island is becoming a continuous urban sprawl, making its districts denser.

Most of the district’s income comes from its business, entertainment, and tourism sector. As a shopping area, it attracts many tourists and locals across the city every week. The other main sector is the food business. Nagoya is known for its food quality and diversity, ranging from local cuisine to popular fast-food restaurants, mostly in the mall.

Nagoya is also home to many shopping stores and retails. Home appliance stores, fashion boutiques, and electronic stores are common in the area, mostly concentrated in the mall and its surroundings. Most of its tourism comes from hotels. There are numerous hotels in this district, ranging from 2 to 4-star. The Nagoya Entertainment District (NED) consists of bars, massage parlors, clubs, hotels, and brothels.

Harbourbay ferry terminal is one of many options to come to Batam. Harbourbay ferry terminal is in the Nagoya district. The ferry ride is around 45 minutes from Singapore to Batam.

Batu Ampar

Batu Merah, Kampung Seraya, Sungai Jodoh, Tanjung Sengkuang

Batu Ampar Cargo port

Bukit Senyum
Bukit Senyum is one of the hills in Batam, from this place you can see light from building from Singapore. and you can see how beautiful Batam in the night from this hill. while you enjoy the view, you can eat BBQ corn and Rujak with Traditional sauce.

Pacific Palace Hotel
Distinctively built as a colossal ship, this elegant property is only five minutes away from Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal, allowing easy access to vibrant shopping areas. Only one of its kind that is stationary and located on land, Pacific Palace Hotel is a landmark within itself and it is definitely an eye-catching tourist attraction. Pacific Palace Hotel offers only the best VIP KTV rooms, discotheque, and an exclusive spa and wellness making it the most exquisite one-stop entertainment hotel in Batam. For those who are not into nightlife, feel fresh and relax in our huge swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and sauna. At last, complete your staycation experience with a fine traditional massage at Adorabella Spa and Beauty Salon.

Batam Kota (Batam Center)

Baloi Permai, Belian, Sukajadi, Sungai Panas, Taman Baloi, Teluk Tering

In this area, you can found, Industrial area, Business district, Government offices, International ferry seaport, Housing.

Batam Centre is a town in Batam developed by the government to become the center of business and commerce, but up till now, it consists mainly of Government & office Buildings. Got only one big shopping mall: Mega Mall – Batam. Most of business and commerce is located in Nagoya. in Batam center you can found many of hotel where you can stay.

Batam Center is one of the ferry terminals from Singapore. So, if you say Batam Center, people will normally refer to this ferry terminal. The ferry ride is around 1 hour from Singapore to Batam

Masjid Raya (Grand Mosque)
This Mosque has a beautiful ‘pyramid’ architecture. Quite good but already looks a bit old. Located across PEMDA Building & Mega Mall.

Otorita Batam Building (Batam Development Board Building)
It has an interesting architecture with the “terrace” roof

PEMDA Building (Local Government Building)
This building embraces local architecture.

Mega Mall – Batam
This mall is quite a good mall like in Jakarta. It is linked to the Batam Center ferry terminal with a bridge – entrance to the bridge is on the top floor near the ferry departure customs checkpoint.

Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya
A big and “new” Buddhist Temple Located in Sungai Panas, on the way to Nagoya. It also has a vegetarian restaurant & Buddhist school. You can take a taxi for abt Rp.20,000, or take “Metro Trans” going to Bengkong, in front of Mega Mall for Rp3,000/person.

Mega Wisata Ocarina is a beach resort located on Batam Island, Riau Islands. This tourist spot was inaugurated by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in January 2009. Ocarina is located on 40 hectares of land on the edge of the Dry Bay, and the luxury housing complex Coastarina. There is a beautiful white sandy beach with shady pine trees, a children’s playground area, an open stage with a capacity of 10,000 people, and a green garden equipped with a gazebo and a jogging track.

Batu Aji

Bukit Tempayan, Buliang, Kibing, Tanjung Uncang

Masjid Agung Sultan Mahmud Riayat Syah
This mosque is predicted to be the largest mosque in Sumatra which can accommodate thousands of Muslims to worship. Adopting the model of the Nabawi Madina Mosque, this mosque was designed with the concept of a combination of Arabic and Malay.

Industrial area
Tanjung Uncang which is an industrial shipyard with heavy equipment.


Bengkong Indah, Bengkong Laut, Sadai, Tanjung Buntung

There are a lot of facilities we provide here to present a perfect All-In-One satisfaction holiday which among others are: traditional massage, volleyball field, football corner, flying corner, flying fox, paintball combat, all-terrain vehicle (ATV), steam & sauna, full fitness center, swimming pool, jogging track, laundry and valet services, the arrangement of golfing, tour and travel agent offices, business center, shopping arcade, billiard center, kids corner, drug store, KTV lounge, Miniature Traditional House of Indonesia, Gokart.

The most famous culinary attraction in Batam is the Golden Prawn, in this place you can enjoy a variety of Batam specialties, especially delicious seafood, Golden Prawn is located in Bengkong Laut in the Bengkong area if you come to this place the location is very beautiful because it is on the seafront with all complete facilities.

Golden View Hotel, The Golden View Hotel is strategically situated at Bengkong Laut, a short ride from Batam Centre and Habour Bay Ferry Terminal, these Ferry Terminals serves Batam Island’s administration and they are the main Ports for modern ferries to and from Singapore as well as Malaysia. Its setting acknowledges the natural beauty of the unblocked sea view, overlooking the Tering Bay. With an atmosphere that is casual, yet elegant, the Hotel offers a choice of accommodation.


Batu Legong, Bulang Lintang, Pantai Gelam, Pulau Buluh, Setokok, Temoyong

Makam Temenggung Abdul Jamal
One of the historical places in Batam is the  Tomb of Temenggung Abdul Jamal. This tomb is usually visited for pilgrimage tours with the aim of introducing the history of the Riau Sultanate in Batam so that the younger generation can always preserve these tourist attractions. The grave of Temenggung Abdul Jamal is located on Bulang Lintang Island. In this grave area, there is also a museum that stores valuables during the Tumenggung Abdul Jamal Sultanate.


Nongsa, Sambau, Batu Besar, Kabil, Ngenang

In this area, you can found, Tourism, such as beach resorts, Marina facilities, golf courses, and housing, Seaport servicing ships up to 150,000 DWT, at Kabil. Industrial area at Kabil. Airport.

The majority of Batam’s resorts are here. This district is famous for its beach tourism. Some of the famous tourist beaches include Nongsa Beach, Maimun Beach, Tanjung Bemban Beach, and Sekilak Beach. Nongsa District also has a number of resorts and golf courses with international standards which are the destination of domestic and foreign tourists. The Hang Nadim Batam airport is located in this district.

Tourism history and Culture Tour
Rumah Limas Potong as a typical Malay house. Komplek Makam Zuriyat Nong Isa, Komplek Zuriat Nong Isa Tomb means the funeral complex for relatives and descendants of Nong Isa.


Sagulung Kota, Sungai Binti, Sungai Langkai, Sungai Lekop, Sungai Pelunggut, Tembesi

Citra Kebun Wisata is the newest agro-tourism destination in Batam City which carries the concept of plantation tourism. This one destination features durian plants as a leading tourist attraction. With an area of ​​about 18 hectares, Citra Kebun Wisata is planted with various types of durian including the Musang King, which is famous for its deliciousness throughout the world. There are also other types of durian such as Red Prawn and local durian. There are at least 200 tens of years old durian trees scattered in this garden.

Historical tour to Makam Tua Syekh Abdul Rahman, Sei Lekop Kecamatan Sagulung

Sei Beduk

Duriangkang, Mangsang, Muka Kuning, Tanjung Piayu

In this area, you can found, Natural reserve, including a catchment forest for the Duriangkang water reservoir. Industrial areas, Housing.

Bukit  Piayu Laut
Piayu Laut is located in Seibeduk District, Batam City, Riau Islands. The area on the coast of Batam Island itself is an area famous for villages that are more than 180 years old called Kampung Tua. Piayu Laut Beach has a very beautiful panorama. The clear blue sea can be seen from a distance, with coral rocks surrounding it. Lover Seafood Restaurant is a seafood restaurant in piayu laut.


Waterfront City, Patam Lestari, Sungai Harapan, Tanjung Pinggir, Tanjung Riau, Tiban Baru, Tiban Indah, Tiban Lama.

In this area, you can found, Industrial area, Tourism facilities, including golf courses, Offices, and shopping centers, Passenger and cargo seaport, terminals ferry.

What you can do in Sekupang? Batam Golf (Golf stay and play packages). Batam is a golfers paradise. Batam Island is blessed with 7 great golf courses providing top-class championship golf and great hospitality, the harbor at Sekupang is a popular destination for golfers playing at Indah Puri, Batam Hills, and South links.

and in this area, you can found a big resort with a nice view.

Sekupang is an old city in Batam, where there are still many Government Offices such as Wisma Batam (a resting place for Batam Authority officials and their guests) BPS Office, Samsat Office, Telkom Office, Indosat Office, etc.


Domestic port to meet the transportation needs between Batam and Bintan island. and you can do a historical tour in Kampung Tua Telaga punggur

Belakang Padang

Kasu, Pecong, Pemping, Pulau Terong, Sekanak Raya, Tanjung Sari

Riding Becak Dayung, This is Traditional transportation in Belakang Padang. After ride Becak Dayung dont forget to try Malay culinary its famous culinary in belakang padang. As well as being famous for culinary tourism, Belakang Padang District also has historical tours located on Tolop Island.

Traditional House of Belakang Padang
The majority of the original inhabitants of Rear Padang are Malays. Many of them still adhere to their ancestral traditions by living in houses on stilts. A wooden house built on the sea covered in bright paint.

and in district of Belakang Padang you can find many small island, and nice beaches.

Galang (Barelang)

Air Raja, Galang Baru, Karas, Pulau Abang, Rempang Cate, Sembulang, Sijantung, Subang Mas

Rempang-Galang islands in the Barelang area have been classified together, with a total area of 34,217 ha, and have been developed and utilized for the following purposes: Agriculture, Housing, Tourism, Industry, Fisheries.

Rempang Island – rural island dotted with coastal villages on stilts
Galang Island – location of the former Vietnamese refugee camp

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