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Karate in Singapore

Karate in Singapore

Official Organization

Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Association Singapore (GRKAS)

Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Association of Singapore was established in 2006. We are a team of karate practitioners promoting authentic and traditional martial arts. We seek to foster positive values, build character, perseverance, and integrity through Karate training.
10 Serangoon North Avenue 2 Singapore, Singapore 555877

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Japan Karate Association

JKA ( Japan Karate Association ) Singapore is dedicated to the teaching and promotion of authentic JKA karate in Singapore.
69 Jellicoe Rd, Singapore 208737

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Singapore Karate-Do Federation

The Singapore Karate-Do Federation is the highest authority for the promotion and governing of all Karate-Do matters and activities in the Republic of Singapore.
262 Bishan Street 22, #B1-287, Singapore 570262

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Shitoryu Karate Association

The membership grew and the Association produced some of the best karate-ka in the region in the 1970s. this was evident when a local team beat stiff competition from Japan and the United States and clinched the second runner-up spot in the 2nd World Karate Championship, held in Paris in 1973.
Shitoryu Karate Association of Singapore (SKA), 60 Tessensohn Road, Civil Service Club Level 2, Singapore 328561

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Karate Clubs

Ashihara Kaikan Singapore

A modern, eclectic Japanese martial art based on the ‘sabaki method’, the Ashihara system is highly acclaimed as one of the most practical and realistic forms of Karate today, emphasizing simplicity and scientific logic.
JK Building, Jalan Jurong Kechil, ​Singapore 598528
Buona Vista Community Club, 36 Holland Drive, Singapore 270036

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Dojo Wu

Formally founded in 2012 by Sensei Jimmy Lim, DOJO WU is a martial arts school that teaches traditional full contact Kyokushin karate in Singapore.
2 Orchard Link #05-01 Singapore 237978, Level 5, Studio A

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Karate PLK

Karate PLK is a karate school that focuses on providing realistic, practical, and effective martial training to students of all skill levels. Get fit and become a skilled martial artist while having a great time in our classes!
Paya Lebar Kovan Community Club, 207 Hougang Street 21, Singapore 530207

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Karate-Do Goju Kai Singapore

Goju-Ryu Karate-Do also focuses on character building and the pursuit of being strong mentally, along with kindness, dignity, and thoughtfulness. Indeed, the founding Master Chojun Miyagi said that “Don’t be struck by others, don’t strike others and avoid trouble”. The association is currently lead by Eugene Koh-Shihan (5th Dan). Karate-Do Goju-Kai Singapore (KGS) is the official appointed International Karate-Do Goju-Kai Association (I.K.G.A.) Singapore Branch.
Various Location

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Karate-do Union of Singapore

Karate-do Union of Singapore (KUS) has been actively organizing the KUS Annual Championship and KUS International Open Championship over the years. These tournaments are meant to expose local athletes and serve as a means to gauge their standards and performance among their peers.

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ProActiv Sports

ProActiv Sports – formerly Sport4kids, was founded in Hong Kong in 2011 by Will Murray and David Azar. Both Will and David share a great passion for sports and they both competed on the international stage representing Ireland and Australia. In line with our company tagline – more than just sports coaching, the founders believe that sports play a major role in the overall development of children into healthy, active, and successful adults.
52 different locations throughout the island of Singapore, 18 Howard Road, #09-07 Novelty Bizcentre, Singapore 369585

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Shudokan Karate

Karate can also be described as a martial art, or fighting method, involving a variety of techniques, including blocks, strikes, evasions, throws, and joint manipulations. Karate practice is divided into three aspects: Kihon (basics), kata (forms), and Kumite (sparring).
33 Lorong Kilat #01-03/04, Singapore 598132

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Shinyuukai Shitoryu Karate Do Kai

AT SHINYUUKAI, we aspire to nurture members who are not only skilled martial artists but also individuals with outstanding character.
328b King George’s Ave, Singapore 208568

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Shinwa-Kai Karate Club Singapore

Shinwa-Kai Karate Club (Singapore) is founded in 1997 by Shihan Richard Ng, 7th Dan Black-Belt, NROC Master Coach & National Coach of Singapore. In these 13 years, the club has grown to be one of the larger karate clubs in Singapore, with 11 dojos islandwide currently, promoting sport karate in this nation.
2D Hong San Walk, Singapore 689050

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Singapore Shotokan Karate Club

The Singapore Shotokan Karate Club is the only affiliation in Singapore of SKIF Japan, founded by the Legendary Soke Hirokazu Kanazawa in 1978.
Tessensohn Civil Service Club, 4th-floor rooftop, 60 Tessensohn Rd, Singapore 217664

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The Little Gym

The Little Gym of Singapore West has been touching children’s lives since 2003. It has been admitted into the elite The Little Gym International’s President’s Circle every year since 2006 and is the most-awarded facility in Asia.
Various Locations

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Yio Chu Kang Karate Dojo

Yio Chu Kang Budokan Kyokushinkaikan Karate Dojo specializes in full-contact Kyokushin Karate, dealing with realistic fighting techniques, unarmed combat, street self-defense, and throwing techniques.
BLK 618 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4, Nearest MRT Station: Yio Chu Kang, Singapore 560618

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Zen Shin Ren Karate-Do Association

The Club is led by Sensei Francis Hong, former National Coach, current President of Jitsueikai Singapore, and a Qualified Asian Karate Federation Kata Judge and Kumite Referee. Assisting him is Sensei Steven, 5th Dan and an NROC Registered Coach. Our members tend to perform well in the competition despite sending a small group of students. Also, Zen Shin Ren Karate-Do Association is a member of the Japan Karate Federation Goju Kai and Jitsueikai.
1 Jurong West Street 74, Singapore 649149

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