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What You Need to Consider When Buying Sports Nutrition Products

Sports nutrition products can be beneficial and can come in handy. When you buy sports nutrition products, you are purchasing products that are designed to meet an athlete’s needs, while also buying products that are typically extremely easy to use. Many nutritional products that are marketed to athletes include things like powders and bars. These items can be consumed on the go and require very little if any, preparation work. But before you invest in products, you need to pay close attention to a few elements.

When you are looking to buy sports nutrition products, one of the first things you should look at is the nutritional aspects of the product. Some products are high in sugar, salt, and/or carbs. Make sure the product meets your needs. Another element to consider is whether the items are organic or vegan. If you are trying to stick to an organic diet, you want to find bio-nutrition bars. Finally, consider the shelf life of the product and how it needs to be stored. Cold nutrition drinks can be great, but you can’t keep them cold if you are on a run or a bike ride. Make sure the items are stable for the type of environment you will be using them in.


Sports nutrition products can help you to maintain your energy level while exercising, while also helping you to reach your health and nutritional goals. Here at Swiss Market Asia, we sell a variety of products, including powders and bio nutrition bars, to help athletes such as yourself get the nutrition that they need and deserve. Visit our website today to learn more about the products that we sell or to place an order.

Who Can Benefit From Buying Winforce Carbo Basic?

One of the biggest challenges that long-distance or long endurance athletes face is ensuring that their body is properly fueled for their long swim, run, or bike ride. Your body needs protein, but it also needs a decent amount of carbs for those who are going to be engaging in an activity for a long distance. Unfortunately, many athletic products on the market do not have high carb counts. This is because these products are geared more toward those engaging in shorter activities or muscle building.

That is where Winforce Carbo Basic comes in. Our powders are filled with complex, long-chain carbs for those who are completing endurance activities, such as triathlons or marathons. Our product provides the fuel your body needs to complete these lengthy activities. If you are ready to try out Winforce Carbo Basic, visit Swiss Market Asia to see the flavours that are available and to place an order.


Swiss Market Asia is the exclusive distributor for all WINFORCE products in Singapore and SEA under the #swissmadeenergy label. We are ardent sportsmen and women who use this great sports nutrition ourselves for years. I have been proven on countless Epic Races like Absa Cape Epic, Swiss Epic, Pioneer NZ and many more long-distance adventures.


We are creating the opportunity for Singaporeans to experience better Sportsnutritions, have more energy and last longer days on the run, the bike or any other long-distance endeavour with these great products. Your performance will visibly get better!


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